About HSCC

The Humane Society of Clark County (HSCC) was founded November 28, 1989 by Dee Ross. We are a “no-kill” shelter located in Arkadelphia, AR. Since we are a no-kill shelter, our expenses are more than a shelter that euthanizes animals (due to continued care for the animals we house).  We depend on donations and grants to fund our organization. The Humane Society Clark County is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization, which means your donations are tax deductible.

We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer or spend some time with our animals. We have large cat rooms that allow people to see the true personality of each animal. We also offer an “Adopt for the Day” program, you can check out one of our pups and take them for a car ride, to the lake, to the park, etc. We appreciate everyone who comes to help us socialize our dogs and cats, and that is exactly what you are doing when you visit our animals. While you enjoy playing with our critters, you are teaching them to trust people and preparing them for a forever home.